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Geography of Porbandar

Geography of Porbandar

Porbandar remains attached to memory because it is the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi and also is the place which is associated with Sudama. Hailed as an important coastal town, there had been important trade routes through its coasts since ages. The prosperity of the place drew tourists and merchants in the yester years and even now when thousands flock here for a wide variety of reasons-some for touring the place and others who have dealings in the various chemical and cement factories dotting the district.

When one speaks of Porbandar, the first thing that strikes is the coastline. Porbandar also used to be one of a princely state which had had some great significance during the British times. The state continues to exert a great amount of clout with some important towns that comprise it like Ranpur, Bhanvad and Shrinagar.

Area and Population of Porbandar

As per location, the district of Porbandar is flanked by Jamnagar district in the North, the Arabian Sea guarding it in the East; one can find the Junagarh district in the West and again the mighty Arabian Sea in the South. Strategically at the latitude 21.04 north and 69.03 East longitudinally, the location of Porbandar in the map has some serious repercussions climatically. The district of Porbandar comprise of a massive 2,298 square kilometers. The Porbandar city serves as the administrative headquarters exclusively for the district.

The district’s total population is a staggering 536854. Further information states that of this number, 275921 of it are males and the number of women is registered to be 260933. Another facet of population segregation is the way the populace is divided among the ones belonging to the rural segment and the urban segment. Therefore, as per this criterion, the rural populace locks at 275447 and the urban at 261407. Further calculations prove that population density therefore per square kilometer is at 236.

Climate of Porbandar

Porbandar has a distinct climate which can be best described as temperate according to its geographical location. This clearly means that the weather during summers is not very hot and during winters, it gets pleasant for the people inhabiting the land. Apart from this, there is an added influence on the climate of Porbandar. The vicinity of Arabian Sea exerts a moderate influence which makes it very humid near the coast.

People wishing to tour the region should know that although the region experiences a moderate and a temperate weather all year round, yet summers is advised to be avoided owing to the heat while the winter months are favored because of the pleasant weather. When the Porbandar summer months are spoken about, they mean months between March and June when the temperature escalates to an uncomfortable 40 degrees.

Next comes the monsoon period when during July extending till September, the region has to withstand thunder showers owing to its closeness to the Arabian Sea. Unpredictable rains are also a regular feature which for some could be an annoying element while for others very romantic. It is actually the south-west monsoons that brings the rain in the monsoon months of June to September and is one had to estimate the amount it had been raining; about 800mm is the average rainfall of the past 3 years consecutively.

Winters in Porbandar like mentioned earlier are the most popular time to travel when the temperature can fall down to a 10 degrees Celsius and can be experienced between months of October to February. Owing to the pleasantness of the weather in the winters, it is regarded as the most conducive month of travel when the weather is chilly enough for some memorable times.

Physical Features of Porbandar

The physical attributes of both the state and the district are extremely varied and interesting. There are numerous lakes, valleys, rivers, seashores, hills and other land forms and water bodies which can be found in the region. People touring the land have the privilege of experiencing every facet of geography known to man.

Rivers and Lakes

Among the rivers that flow in Porbandar state are Joghri and Bileshvary which can be seen dotting the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. Bhadar and Minsar are the two rivers of the Porbandar district. But if one had to take size of the lakes in the region- then, there are about 69 lakes of which 68 of them can be found in the rural areas and the remainder one is located in the urban region.

Mountains and Deserts

Laced with its own share of mountains and deserts, the visual appeal of the place is enhanced with the diverse landforms.

Natural Resources of Porbandar

Porbandar consists of the following natural resources:

  • Flora and Fauna-There are forests and also temperate grasslands typical of the temperate climate.
  • Forests- The district has forests where the main produce is babul and bamboo as wood products but there is also some distinct grass and fruits that can be obtained from the forests.
  • Minerals- The mineral content of any place is dependent on the soil it has. It is seen that Porbandar, Kutiyaana and Raanav have black soil. There is a unique type of Chunedar soil found in the three districts of Raanav, Porbandar and Kutiyaana which is situated in the suline section. This is also regarded as the Ghed region where the land is considered fruitful and salty and is invariably filled with water due to which contact with such areas is lost plenty of times.

Dams and Canals in Porbandar

At the junction of perennial rivers- Joghri and Bileshvary, there is the two important dams called Khambala and Fodara.

Therefore, if one has to take account of the geography of the Porbandar district, it can be said undoubtedly that it is unique and therefore, attracts a great amount of tourism because of its appeal. Located on the Kathiawar peninsula, the existence of the district had been out of the Junagarh district. But with a life and soul of its own, Porbandar never ceases to spellbind. Come experience it and you will know!

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