Bileshwar near Porbandar

Bileshwar near Porbandar

Bileshwar is mainly popular due to the famous Shiva Temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Bileshwar Shiva Temple is a well-known tourist attraction some 27 kms from the coastal city of Porbandar. Built back in the early seventh century, it is one of the best examples of classical temple architecture in all of Gujarat.

The exteriors are perfectly decorated with motifs which are arch like in shape but due to the plastic coating, the detailed decorations have been blurred. The pyramid like structure in the temple is very tall and has six similar tiers. There is a cupola-like finial at every corner which is crowned by a pot-finial and an amalasaraka.

Brief History of the Place

According to the myths, Lord Krishna prayed to Lord Shiva for a son at this temple. Since lord Shiva was easily pleased with bilva leaves, and that’s how the village was named Bileshwar. This temple depicts Devi Ganga and Devi Parvati with the Shiv Ling. According to legends, Nandi the bull outside the temple came to give protection from being demolished by the army sent by Aurangzeb and today it stands outside keeping a constant watch and guarding the temple.

How to Reach Bileshwar

This place is located quite in the interiors about 27 kilometers east of Porbandar in the state of Gujarat. The road that leads to Bileshwar is a single carriage way and not so well maintained. Private taxis and state buses are available to reach Bileshwar from Porbandar. Porbandar is conveniently connected to the major cities of Gujarat and India by rail, air and road transport. One can also make use of luxury bus services which connects the cities of Jamnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Junagadh, etc. Travelers can also opt rail transport by reaching the Porbandar Railway Station which is only three kilometers from city centre. Those who prefer to travel by air can use the closest airport of Porbandar which is again four kilometers from the City Centre.

Things to do in Bileshwar

When you visit Bileshwar, make sure to carry cameras and a lot of water. Entry to the famous Shiva temple is absolutely free of cost and it takes nearly 30 minutes to 1 hour to go around the temple and take adequate photographs.

Accommodation at Bileshwar

Hotel Moon Palace is located in the heart of Bileshwar and close to the Shiva Temple. It is a cheap value added hotel. Midday Munchies is another restaurant close to the temple.

Places of Attractions around Bileshwar

Being very close to Porbandar, Bileshwar gives the travelers ample locations to visit.  Several museums, religious monuments, beaches, sanctuaries and historical sites make up for the attractions in and around Porbandar. One of the most famous tourist spots is the Kirti Mandir- the birthplace Mahatma Gandhi is located close to Bileshwar. Other places include the Sudama Mandir, Bharat Mandir, Rokhadia Hanuman Temple, Sandipani Vidsniketan, the beautiful beach of Chowpati, Nehru Planetarium, Bird sanctuary and the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary which are located close to Bileshwar.

Best Time to Visit Bileshwar

The Best time to visit Bileshwar is in the winter months between October and March. The weather is cool and ideal to make the whole day enjoyable during these months.
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