Culture of Porbandar

People have diversified their interests and the younger generation has begun perusing other avenues to exhibit their talents. In this sphere, the role of dance and music cannot be questioned. There are also various centers to teach the traditional form of dances like Raas and Garba to the young people who are interested in Porbandar. Let's evaluate.

Art and Handicraft in Porbandar

The expression of art and all artistic things is another creative facet of an individual. Porbandar has some of the compelling artists whose works are worthy of art galleries

Art and Handicraft in Porbandar

Likewise handicrafts too are given special stress in the region. The finesse with which Porbandar handicrafts are crafted by the people of Porbandar is truly impressive. It has the correct mix of colors, design and expertise that the end product is spellbinding. Earthen wares made by hand wheel are nationwide famous. Handicrafts are made in various shapes and sizes by the different artisans and potters. The use of machines is also included once the potter’s work is finished; it makes the attractive zigzag pattern on the final product. Age old native art and crafts have various skilled artists in Porbandar too who take the legacy forward.

Vasant Handicrafts is the most important center in Porbandar which is famous for its handicrafts items. They sell a variety of handicraft stuff and these items are also exported to the other countries. Shawls, beaded sheets and attractive wall hangings are just to name a few among the handicraft stuff that are sold at Vasant handicrafts.

Fairs and Festivals celebrated in Porbandar

Fairs and festivals celebrated in Porbandar

Porbandar celebrates some of the festivals that are celebrated in the rest of India too. Major among them are Holi, Janmashtami and Diwali and specially Gandhi Jayanti. The region rejoices the very fact that one of the biggest man of the nation belongs to this place. With equal enthusiasm are celebrated Navratri and Dusshera.

Falling in the months of August and September is the biggest event called "Porbandar Mela" that takes place every year. A huge crowd gathers here from all other parts of the country and they come here and have a very good time. Likewise there are trade fairs, auto exhibitions and book fairs too which keep the district busy.

Architectural Heritage of Porbandar

Stressing its architectural prowess which has been handed down to the district for ages are some of the attractive monuments, each with its unique characteristics. For instance, there is the Huzur Palace in Porbandar which depicts a European style of architecture. For large open spaces with an expanse of gardens is the Daria Raj Mahal located near to Huzur Palace. It presents an amalgamation of Indian, Gothic and Arabian styles of architecture. And then the nationwide famous Kirti Mandir which has some of the artifacts belonging to Mahatma Gandhi. Equally attractive for viewing of tourists in Porbandar is the Darbargadh Palace which flaunts a Gujarati form of architecture. Indeed, with the myriad cultural influences, Porbandar is the place to be for creative tourists.

Auditoriums in Porbandar

There stands the beautifully constructed Sandipani Auditorium inside the premises of the Shri Hari Mandir. It gives a platform for the local people to showcase their talents in front of a big crowd. What more, it is equipped with all the facilities like wall to wall carpet which ensure that others don’t get disturbed.

Sandipani Auditorium

Constructed beautifully under the prime sabha mandap located within the Shri Hari Mandir, is Sandipani Auditorium which boasts of great infrastructure and alluring facilities for the people of Porbandar. There is wall to wall carpet which is effective for noise cancellation, false ceiling and air conditioning facilities to ensure that it does not get hot for people. To make sure that people enjoy their time here at various functions, there has been a fully functional superior sound system installed and also effective lighting systems so that people visiting the auditorium can have a memorable experience.

Facilities within the Sandipani Auditorium

Auditoriums in Porbandar

To accommodate show requirements, there is a green room close by with an added VIP room which is of great utility when festivals and other cultural programs are conducted. The auditorium had been inaugurated with great pomp and excitement in the esteemed presence of the President of India, Shri A.P.J Abdul Kalam. This occasion had been celebrated on January 12th 2006. Gracing the occasion were other important dignitaries like Smt. Kokilaben Ambani, the Governor of Gujarat and also Shri Naval Kishore Sharma. The Auditorium can accommodate more than 1500 onlookers at one time and that itself is quite a feat in Porbandar.

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