Emergency Services in Porbandar

Emergency Services in Porbandar

Despite of being a small city of Gujarat, Porbandar offers the necessary emergency services to its inhabitants. These services include- chemist shops, ambulances, blood banks, police stations and disaster management etc. All these services help the residents of Porbandar to face any kind of crisis. It also ensures the safety and security of Porbandar people. The article emphasizes on some indispensable emergency services offered at Porbandar:

Disaster Management in Porbandar

Porbandar being a coastal city is always at high risk of experiencing natural calamities like- cyclones, fire, nuclear disaster, Tsunami etc. To cope with such dangerous situations the Gujarat State Disaster Management Act was set up in the year 2003. According to this act the Government decided that the disaster prone districts in Gujarat including Porbandar must have EOCs (or Emergency Operation Centers).

Each EOC must include facilities such as- store room, general toilets, pantry, a chamber for the district collector, waiting room, rest room, workstations with phones, a meeting room with facility of video conferencing and a communication room with radio, television, telephone, wireless etc.  Thus, the Disaster Management team in Porbandar is well-equipped to deal with any damages ensuing from natural disasters.

Chemists in Porbandar

The city of Porbandar abounds with numerous private as well as public hospitals. In addition, you can find a number of chemist shops in the vicinity of these hospitals. Apart from that there are numerous chemists in every corner spread over the entire city. These medicine shops remain open throughout the day and offer round-the-clock service to the citizens of Porbandar.

Know more in Chemists in Porbandar.

Ambulance Services in Porbandar

The city brags of outstanding ambulance services. These ambulances are just a call away and offer 24 hours services to the inhabitants of Porbandar. Thus, if any of your family members need immediate medical care in an emergency situation, you can bank on the following ambulance services offered at Porbandar:
  • Emergency 108
    Address: Porbandar HO,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Website address: www.emri.in
  • Ronak Orthopaedic Hospital
    Address: Opp Panjra Pole Gate,
    SVP Rd, Porbandar HO,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Phone number: +(91)-286-2215500
  • LKL Ambulance Seva
    Address: Memadwada,
    Khatridarbar No Dello,
    Madhavpur Ghed,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 362230
    Phone numbers: 9904330081
    and +(91)-9879430081

Police Stations in Porbandar

The police in Porbandar city is extremely supportive to the citizens and listens to their complaints with patience. The Pobandar police not only protects the inhabitants but it also takes immediate action in case if any crime takes place in the city. People who are new to the city and aren’t aware of the law and order of Porbandar can bank on the Porbandar police for any kind of help. Some of the notable police stations in Porbandar are:
  • Police Station 1
    Address: Kirti Nagar,
    Porbandar HO, Porbandar,
    Pin code- 360575
    Phone number: +(91)-286-2240944
  • Police Station 2
    Address: Kutiyana,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 362650
    Phone number: +(91)-2804-261222
  • Police Station 3
    Address: Udhyognagar,
    Porbandar GIDC, Porbandar,
    Pin code- 360577
    Phone numbers:+(91)-286-220946

Blood Banks in Porbandar

There are only a few but well-organized blood banks in Porbandar. These blood banks have adequate blood supply to offer the citizens in case of emergency situations. Some notable blood banks in Porbandar along with their contact details are given below:
  • Jagrut Blood Bank
    Address: Ram Tekri Rd
    Opposite Paras Diary Street, Porbandar
    Phone numbers: +(91)-286-2247860
  • Ram Blood Bank
    Address: Star Compound, MG Rd,
    Main Chowk, Porbandar Ho,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Phone number: +(91)-286-2240092
  • Asha Children Hospital(For 24 hours blood bank)
    Address: Asha Children Hospital,
    Play Ground, Main Rd, Porbandar Ho,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Phone numbers: +(91)-286-2210522
    and +(91)-9426995722

Eye Banks in Porbandar

Porbandar eye banks offer the best quality services to its residents. These eye banks help to bring a new ray of light in the lives of the blind patients. People who intend to donate their eyes after their demise can also enroll in these eye banks.   Below are some notable eye banks in Porbandar:
  • Address: Shivam Eye Hospital,
    Nr Central Bank of India,
    Wagheshwari Plot, Nawa Fuwwara Rd,
    S.T. rd, Porbandar
    Phone numbers: 9825668333
    and 02862211911
  • Jeevan Dhamecha Eye Hospital
    Address: Opp Paradise Cinema,
    Nr New Fountain, Porbandar
    Phone number: 02862243336

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