Food in Porbandar City

Food in Porbandar City

The populace of Porbandar mainly prefers vegetarian cuisines. Influenced by the Gujarati culture, the inhabitants of Porbandar mostly prefer to incorporate sev, doodha pak, kadhi, shrikhand, dhokla, mohanthal, undhyo and suter pherni in their daily diet. The typical Gujarati vegetarian food is highly nutritious and tastes great. Each dish has a special taste and every cuisine is prepared of unique spices and ingredients.

Gujaratis are snacks lovers and the residents of Porbandar love to gorge on a variety of snacks such as- papads, sev, ganthia, farshan, chivda, fafda, khakra. The “Papads” are quite popular among the Porbandar people and they are made of wheat, bajra or rice. Papads are not deep fried in the oil rather they are steamed and are generally served along with hot drinks. 

Some of the common ingredients that are required to prepare various cuisines in Porbandar are- seasame seeds, coconut, yoghurt, groundnut and buttermilk. These ingredients when added to a dish give a magical aroma. Apart from these, the ingredients that are used for seasoning are- asafetida, thyme, fenugreek and mustard which are used in large quantities to enhance the flavor of the recipes.
The “Gujarati Thali” is incredibly popular among the locals in Porbandar. It usually includes the following food items:
  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Chapatis
  • Buttermilk
  • Yoghurt
  • Vegetables
  • Sweets
The residents of Porbandar also have a fetish for pickles and they love to enjoy it along with their main food. Some of the pickles that are commonly eaten are- athanu, chanduo and goondas.

Popular Desserts of Porbandar

Among the popular sweet dishes in Porbandar shrikhand, puranpoli, sutarfeni, basundi, halvasan, malpua and ghevar are just to name a few. Shrikhand is the most preferred sweet dish in Porbandar which is made from yoghurt. For seasoning the shrikhand saffron, nuts, candied fruit, and cardamom etc. are used. The Gujaratis of Porbandar mainly prefer to have this scrumptious shrikhand with “Pooris”.
Popular Desserts of Porbandar
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Popular Eateries of Porbandar

Some of the popular eateries in the Porbandar city are:

Dhabas in Porbandar

Dhabas in Porbandar serve the locals and tourists with a wholesome and natural food. Here one can savor a variety of mouth-watering dishes from the tasty “parathas” to crunchy “pakoras” and from hot tea to aerated drinks. Everything is available in dhaba for a quick rejuvenation of the weary and stressed out tourists and drivers. Some famous dhabas in Porbandar are- Devrupa Paratha house, Paratha house, Shakti Paratha House, Kuchdi Paratha House and RangBai Dhaba.

Restaurants in Porbandar

Porbandar has a large number of restaurants which offer South Indian, Chinese, North Indian, vegetarian as well as non vegetarian cuisines to all and sundry. Some of the eminent restaurants in Porbandar are- Bawarchis Masala Restaurant, Swati Restaurant, Swagat Restaurant etc.

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Bakeries in Porbandar

Baked items are relished and loved by all generations and Porbandar offers some outstanding bakeries to the residents of the city. The names of some prominent bakeries in Porbandar are:
  • Shree Bakery Store
    Address: Shop Number-4,
    Near Khadi Bhandar,
    Sudama Chalk, Porbandar Ho,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Phone number: +(91)-9825973238
  • Monginis the Cake Shop
    Address: Nr Mukesh Ice Depo,
    Opp Silver Palace Hotel,
    Station Rd, Porbandar Ho,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Phone numbers: +(91)-286-2246050
    and +(91)-9898024604
  • Shiva Bakers Point
    Address: Khawas Gnati Nei Vandi,
    Grnd Flr M.G. Rd,
    Porbandar, Gujarat,
    Pin code- 360575
    Landmark: Opposite Rupadi Bhag
    Phone Number: 9825061887
  • Vinod Bakery
    Address: Vinod Bakery Plaza Cross Lane,
    Porbandar, Gujarat,
    Pin code- 360575
    Phone Number: 02862245448,

Fast Food Restaurants in Porbandar

Porbandar abounds with some excellent fast food restaurants which offer fresh and a wide array of fast food items to the locals as well as tourists. These are:
  • Midday Munchies
    Address: Grnd Flr, Krishna Cmplx,
    Opp Tajawala Kanya Chatralaya,
    MG Rd, Porbandar,
    Pin code- 360575
    Phone numbers: +(91)-286-2212123
    and +(91)-9824588525
  • Rajni Fast Food
    Address: Nr Mama Kotha,
    Sudama Chowk, Porbandar Ho,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Phone number: +(91)-9898985086
  • Varsha Nasta Centre
    Address: Shop Number-14,
    Near Government Polytechnic,
    Airport Rd, Porbandar Ho,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Phone number: +(91)-9428840948
  • Ram Nath Bhel
    Address: Shop Number-8,
    Near Hathi Tanki, M G Rd,
    Porbandar Ho, Porbandar,
    Pin code- 360575
    Phone number: +(91)-9428086820
  • Parshuram Nasta Gruh
    Address: Shop Number-14,
    Near Government Polytechnic,
    Airport Rd, Porbandar Ho,
    Porbandar, Pin code- 360575
    Phone number: +(91)-9638898447
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