Highways in Porbandar

Highways in Porbandar

Road network is absolutely essential for smooth transportation of trade, economic development and social integration. It aids to specialization and expansion of markets. It is significantly required to smooth the conveyance facilities for both community and goods.

Road transportation plays indispensable role in easy accessibility, reliability, flexibility of actions and many other means. Gujarat with its vast road network serves the nation with great effort. Porbandar being one of the major districts of Gujarat is also the part of its vast road network. Highways that connect Porbandar to different districts of Gujarat and other states are given below:

National Highway 8B

The distance between Porbandar and Bamanbore is connected with National Highway 8B that entirely lies within Gujarat. The stretch of National Highway 8B is 206 kilometer long and it covers the route of Rajkot, Upleta, Gondal, Jetpur and Ranavav.

State Highway 6

The stretch of The State Highway 6 is 1214.32 km. The districts covered by this highway including Porbandar are Vadodara, Kutchh, Jamnagar, Anand, Valsad, Bharuch, Bhavnagar and Surat. Few of the routes that fall under this State Highway are Koteshwar, Kothara, Gandhigam, Jamnagar, Mahuva, National Highway 8E, Bharuch, Olpad, etc.

State Highway 27

With the stretch of 108.9 km the State Highway 27 links Porbandar and Jamnagar. It starts from Jamnagar, follows Lalpur, Ranavav and get linked to National Highway 8B to proceed towards Bhanvad. Various lanes in between the highways are there to fetch the routes to different rural areas.

State Highway 28

This Highway is another stretch that connects Jamnagar and Porbandar with different routes. It is extended to 62.7 km only and covers the routes from Khambhalia to Advana and finally reaches Porbandar.

State Highway 31A

State Highway 31 A covers merely a distance of 8 km from Porbandar to Rajkot. It starts its expansion from Porbandar to Rajkot taking Bamanbore Road that goes across the boundary of Jetpur city.

Development of State Highway Project

Development of Gujarat Highways is created with the vision of entering an exciting era of economic growth that can create yardsticks for the rest of the nation. According to Road Sector Perspective 2020, following are the visions of creating better infrastructure in Gujarat:
  • Create vigorous road network with enough capabilities of linking all the major growth centers of Gujarat.
  • Evacuation through swift cargo will be facilitated to reach the state‚Äôs boundary from the port within the stipulated time of 12 hours.
  • Provision to drive at 60 kmph as an average speed.
  • 100% rural connectivity and 100% well surfaced roads in all weather conditions.

Apart from the above visions, Gujarat Government has commenced number of systems and schemes to enhance the infrastructure of highways. Porbandar being the largest port of Gujarat, had witnessed number of developments in the recent years and more are yet to be added. Porbandar is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and the land of his leadership features. Highways in Porbandar are serving both the people and goods to get accessed with the other districts and state.
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